Wholesale and Retail

Supply Chain Simulation to Test Theory of Constraints Implementation for Macmillan Publishing

Development of continent-wide books supply chain simulation model for MacMillan Publishing House. The objective of the project was to investigate the extent, consequences and causes of surpluses and shortages of their titles within retailers and their own DCs. The model was also used to quantify the potential impact of moving to a Theory of Constraints (TOC) best practice for managing inventory and determining print quantities.
Period: June 2018 – November 2018
Industry sector: Wholesale and Retail
Client / Partner: MacMillan Publishing / Goldratt Research Labs

Inventory Management Simulation Based on Theory of Constraints for Microsoft

Development of simulation model to support changing of stock and time buffer management policies throughout the global supply chain of electronic devices. The model captured the supply chain from tier 2 suppliers of components to shelves of retail stores in more than 30 countries.
Period: September 2015 – February 2016
Industry sector: Electronics
Client / Partner: Microsoft / Goldratt Research Labs

Logistics Network Planning for Diageo

Assessment of logistic network configurations for the expanded network of customers. We were also asked to show and prove the ways to decrease logistic costs by improving of inventory management. The model was used to evaluate the systemic effect of increasing forecast accuracy. Our client – Diageo – one of top-3 alcoholic distributors in Russia.
Period: January 2013 – July 2013
Industry sector: Wholesale and Retail
Client / Partner: Diageo / LFA Rus